Who I Am..

My name is Stephanie and I am an eighteen year old newly high school graduate and I am from a small town in Maryland. Since entering recreational activities of the bay with the purchase of a boat in 2014 I now spend many of my weekends and even some weekdays along the bay as I represent Middle River Yacht Club as their 2017/18 and 19 Princess as well as 2019 Queen of the Chesapeake runner up. In the summer time I am frequently in the water swimming, boating, skiing or just watching the water with friends and family.

It wasn’t long until I started noticing amounts of trash…some days more than others, this trash was not always a few plastic bottles but was also unattended crab traps, deck board and hard hats. The bay should not be known as a landfill but as the national treasure it is.

Traveling through the bay beyond Essex and to other clubs and islands, I soon learned the disregard for the bay and locations around the bay. This drew concern in me that to the point where I felt within my heart and soul that I had to make a difference.

Each year the queen and fellow princess's along the bay raise money for the charity/origination of our choice. I decided to start my own “Bay B beautiful”! My goal is to raise money through out the whole bay, watershed and tributaries and to place it in the hands of hard-working people and small groups that are usually forgotten and are putting in the most time, effort, and man hours into making a positive impact on preserving the Chesapeake bay.

In closing I hope that many of you join me in my journey to help make the Bay B Beautiful!

n closing I hope that many of you e in my journey to help make the Bay B Beautiful!

Thank you - Stephanie

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